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 Consumer Interactive Research for Close-Loop Eating . . .

Hypothesis:  Changing the narrative about our food system                                              will change everyone's future for a healthier planet

So, for everyone hungry to participate in changing how we eat:

Let's start by loosening our thinking with some optimistic food facts.

 As a nation, we are already shifting our diet*

People on lowest income know how to cook** healthy food

Bananas, chocolate, coffee and tea are luxuries***     

Our favourite pulse (haricot bean) is versatile and can be both British-grown and baked****

• British-grown beans can be convenient***** to cook from a dry ingredient

     * Surprise, surprise.  We aren't dependent on gov't advice.  Young (teens, 20s and 30s) and old (60s and 70s) 

        especially are already leading a shift to healthier eating in Greener Britain.

    ** Healthy food should not be exclusive.  Everyone can learn how and/or help by teaching others.  

  ***  Yes, valued and relatively inexpensive, but imported and not essential foods.

 **** Tinned navy beans in tomato sauce are pressure-cooked from imported ingredients.

         And, importantly, is only one amongst a diversity of haricot beans (cannellini, red & white kidney,

         black turtle and pinto are already familiar market types in Britain).

***** Cooking can be as simple as boiling water for tea and cooking pasta.

Let's innovate and transform what we eat.  

We've bean innovating since 2011. . . 
2019 Harvesting beans for food with full-size combine
2018 Harvesting beans for quality seed with small combine
2017 Harvesting beans for quality seed by hand
Do these fast-cookers look appetizing?
British ingredients that combine well with beans
Natural Light Growing Centre. . .
 . . . a new-age greenhouse to produce healthier fruit and veg with full spectrum British sunlight
. . . and will taste great with British-adapted haricot beans.

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