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Back to basics!

How to prepare dried beans...

Our registered variety haricot bean named Capulet is a versatile ingredient for a wide range of recipes. 
Cooking Capulet beans from dry ingredient is as simple as brewing tea and cooking pasta.
Rinse 1 :  Wash dry beans in a colander with cold tap water (after cooking, 200g of dry beans will be about the equivalent to a standard 400g tin of beans)
Soak (tea step) :  Transfer rinsed beans into a cooking pot, and cover with boiled water from a kettle. Soak at least 1 hr.  
Tip:  do this step when you make your morning tea and they’ll be ready to cook for the evening meal!
Rinse 2 :  Pour beans back into colander and wash with cold tap water.  Drain and transfer back to the cooking pot.
Cook (pasta step) :  Cover beans with hot water from a kettle, and heat on high to start boiling, then reduce to medium heat and continue boiling gently for 15 min.  
Steep (optional) :  After 15 min, the beans will be firm but edible (al dente).  To soften further, switch off the heat, place a lid on the pot and let stand for 10 min. Simmer additional 10 - 15 min on low heat if you prefer beans to be really soft, such as for mashing or soup.
Suggestions for basic bean prep:
• For flavour, add a bay leaf, sprig of thyme or savory, and/or a couple garlic cloves when you start boiling step (after Rinse 2).
• To add more flavour, replace water after 15 min boiling (the ‘pasta step’) with a bottle of cider or beer, or a tin of tomatoes. Don’t add earlier because beans will not soften in acidic water.
• For closed-loop eating, combine cooked beans with other British grown ingredients like parsnips, leek and kale.
• Add a bit of heat with some a spoon or two of English mustard powder.
• Cook once, eat twice:  freeze cooked beans that you haven’t used in your first meal.
• Save and use the viscous bean water (after the cooking step) to use as an egg white substitute (aquafaba). Boil gently to reduce water (thicken), then cool.

Ingredient Inspiration

Browse some of our British favourites. Click on each one for more information and ideas!

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Recipe Ideas

Beans are a versatile ingredient that can offer easy comfort food or exciting new flavours to travel the world from your kitchen. They're also great for learning how to cook from scratch at home. We're big lover's of whipping up something with whatever you have in your pantry, but sometimes we all need a bit of inspiration to get us going! Check out some of the tasty recipes we've tested that we love.
Tip: We've been using the Bon Appetit "86 Bean Recipes" page for inspiration.  You can try these recipes yourself using canned or dry beans.

BRAVO soup

Using all British ingredients, why not go all out and help fight food waste by showing the wonky veg some love in this one-pot wonder. 

Champion the best of British produce by using the base ingredients of

Beans, Rapeseed oil, Alliums (like onions and garlic), Vegetables of your choice, plus whatever other Optional flavours you want to bring in (what about greenhouse grown chillis or even a locally produced cheese?)

... and BRAVO! A tasty, nutritious soup you can customise to suit you and your needs (see what we did there?)


brothy beans

Using all British ingredients, this simple dish is quick and hearty, showcasing the variety of beans that can be grown in British soils.


Add a dash of cream of your choice for a touch of silky comfort and a drizzle of rapeseed oil for that perfect photo finish!

Use the Bon Appetit "Brothy Heirloom Beans with Cream" recipe for more details

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Using all British ingredients this delicious dish is extremely versatile. The perfect B-L-T food (breakfast, lunch and tea that is!).


Great refried in a pan alongside eggs and cherry tomatoes to start your day right.  Try it in a wrap just like hummus for an on-the-go midday snack. Or have it for tea by topping it with melted cheese and served with salsa and tortilla chips.

Use the Bon Appetit "Homemade Refried Beans" recipe for more details

brit-mex night in

Make the most of your culinary skills and try out a British-Mexican inspired feast by making your own bean-burritos.


We love using the Bean Mash recipe with greenhouse grown tomato salsa and leafy greens all wrapped up in a Staffordshire Oatcake (like a corn tortilla) to make the most of British grown ingredients. 

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bean sALAD

Keep it light and fresh with a simple bean salad. 


Using cold-pressed rapeseed oil and a vinaigrette, you can whip up a quick summer lunch or tangy side dish for your next date night.


Why not throw in some greenhouse grown chopped chillis for an extra kick? Or even try your hand at some urban gardening to add a garnish of fresh herbs!