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The 2BHealthy project was born from science research right here in the UK using innovation to help move closer to our goals of improving our personal and planetary heath using more resilient food-systems.  
To move forward, we need consumer interactive research - we need to know what you think. 
Our hypothesis? 
Changing the narrative about our food system will change everyone's future for a healthier planet

So, for everyone hungry to participate in changing how we eat

Let's start by loosening our thinking with some optimistic food facts:

• As a nation, we are already shifting our diet. Surprise, surprise.  We aren't dependent on gov't advice.  Young (teens, 20s and 30s) and old (60s and 70s) age groups especially are already leading a shift to healthier eating in Greener Britain.

• People on lowest income know how to cook healthy food. Healthy food should not be exclusive.  Everyone can learn how and/or help by teaching others.  

• Bananas, chocolate, coffee and tea are luxuries. They may be valued and relatively inexpensive, but they are also imported and not essential foods.

• Our favourite pulse (haricot bean) is versatile and can be both British-grown and baked. Tinned navy beans in tomato sauce (i.e. everyones favourite baked bean in a tin) are pressure-cooked from imported ingredients. We can grow them here and they can be cooked in a variety of ways (including replicating baked beans at home!). Importantly, these are only one type of bean amongst a diversity of others! (cannellini, red & white kidney, black turtle and pinto are already familiar market types in Britain).

• British-grown beans can be convenient to cook from a dry ingredient. Cooking can be as simple as boiling water for tea and cooking pasta.

Timeline of milestones

We've bean innovating since 2011. . .

Progress harvesting. . .

2017   . . . for quality seed by hand

2018   . . . for seed using a small combine harvestor

2019   . . . for food using a conventional combine

We're aiming to produce a range of new market types, each with their own character.

Check out different varieties we've been developing:

It's not just about beans!  They'll taste even better with traditional British ingredients

Natural Light Growing Centre...

We've also been championing new developments in agriculture to help improve sustainable food growing. Check out these new-age greenhouses using new materials that produce healthier fruit and veg by allowing full-spectrum sunlight and making more efficient growing conditions. These could be used to grow the tasty ingredients we all know and love right here in the UK, such as tomatoes and chillis - perfect to pair with our British-adapted haricot beans!

Let's innovate and transform what we eat. 

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